Over the last 7 weeks we have been practicing our swimming skills and preparing for swimming competitions.

We have perfected all our strokes such as free style, breast stroke, back stroke and some butterfly.
Each of us has worked really hard on improving our swimming and making sure to work hard on our starts and finishing.
Diving was a big focus during our lessons, we needed to make some changes with our diving positions so that we could improve our starting positions so that we could put ourselves in a good position to win our race.

We have improved a lot over the last seven weeks of practice and have become awesome swimmers.

God's Blessings

As a whole class on Friday we discussed what blessings God has given us.

Fist we thought about these blessings then we shared them with the class and added them to the brainstorm on the whiteboard. Each person in the class shared at least one thing that God has blessed them with. Miss Slattery wrote all our blessings on the whiteboard for us to reflect on.

God has blessed us with so many different blessings such as; friends and family, nature, food, the world, animals, shelter, our senses and our individual talents.

We discovered that God has blessed us with so many different blessings and we are lucky to have all these different things in our lives. We are grateful for the blessings God has given us.

Kindness Challenge Day 16

Yesterday we completed Day 16 of our class Kindness Challenge.
Our challenge was to write down three things that we are proud of, throughout the day we thought about things that we are proud of.
During lunch Miss Slattery wrote all of our names on the white board, we then had to write the three things that we were proud of under our names.

As a class we have decided that the three things we are most proud of are:
1. Swimming (because we have all tried our best and never gave up)
2. Our Sentence of the day (it has helped us develop our writing)
3. Our work in Math (developed our number sense, we have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with our peers, we have learnt about different strategies we can apply to math problems)

Be KIND, change the world.

As a class we have been setting ourselves with a daily kindness challenge. 
Every morning we sit and discuss the challenge for the day. We unpack it and decide on what sort of things we can do to complete the challenge. 
There have been some really hard challenges but we are making sure we complete them all as this helps us change the world and helps make it a much kinder place.